Fazilat Khanoom Va Dokhtaran – Doble Farsi – Part 183

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Fazilat Khanoom Turkish Series Summary

This is a story of money and power within a family. Fazilet, who is the mother of Hazan and Ece, continuously attempts to make financial gain from her daughters, such as by using Ece’s modelling skills.

Fazilat Khanoom Va Dokhtaran Series Info & Photos

Even though Fazilat Khanoom (Fazilet Hanim) lives in a poor neighbourhood, she still dreams of one day becoming rich and successful. When her husband tragically dies, she struggles to raise their two daughters alone. Even though she is living a hard life, she still believes that one day they will rise to the top. Therefore, when her youngest daughter, Ece, expresses interest in becoming an actress or model, Fazilat (Fazilet) does not hesitate to take her to audition after audition.

Fazilet’s eldest daughter, Hazan has been struggling though. She does not believe in showing off her beauty, and instead attempts to conceal it with baggy clothes. Hazan also blames her mother for the death of her father. She has never truly felt loved from her mother, as she always thought that her mother resented having children and in turn giving up her dreams of becoming successful. The two have always struggled to get along, as Hazan is aggressive and stubborn towards her.

Fazilat Khanoom Va Dokhtaran Duble Farsi Turkish Series
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