Sibe Mamnoee – Doble – Part 319

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Sibe Mamnoee Duble Turkish Series Info & Photos

Sibe Mamnoee (Doble Farsi) Summary

Yasak Elma is based in the life of two opposite personality sisters and a high class socialite. Zaynep and Yildiz, two sisters, live together in modern day Istanbul. These two alluring females share the same bloodline but very different personalities and motives in life.

Zeynep is a conservative, hard working and intriguing young woman who simply wishes to advance in her business career. On the other hand, Yildiz does not portray a similar work ethic but rather desires an affluent lifestyle; without the work and commitment to rightfully attain it. Ender, the queen of high-class Istanbul, comes into play and offers a life-changing opportunity for Yildiz. Yildiz is cautious when initially hearing about Enders proposal, but not long after gives in and agrees to participate.

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Sibe Mamnoee Duble Farsi Turkish Series
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